The top amazing restaurants for food lovers in London

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When it comes to variety of good foods from different cultures, London offers the best. There are more than ten thousand restaurants spread over London. With all these surely you will be spoilt for choice and your selection may depend on what type of food you have a craving for.

If you are a food lover, then you could consider visiting one of the following top food restaurants in London:

The Harwood Arms: This restaurant offers the best English foods. The hotel is also budget friendly and will serve you right if you are not ready to spend lots of money. This includes all the meals; breakfast, lunch and supper. As you enjoy your meal, the restaurant offers you with plenty of entertainment. Therefore if you are thinking of having a taste of British food, this is the best restaurant for you.

Petrus Restaurant: This is ranked as the best food restaurant in London offering the best service. You will have a variety of foods on the menu and an endless list of different types of wines. The big number of people who visit this restaurant will surely tell that the food offered is first class. You can go to the restaurant for business meetings or even on romantic dates with your lover. The restaurant could get quite expensive but be sure the food is worth every bit of the pay.

Como 3 Restaurant: If you appreciate foods from different cultures, then this is the place to visit. They offer you with great Japanese and Spanish foods. The environment here is more than welcoming with the friendly stuff around. Their menu offers a list of foods and you can try having a taste of their tapas. If you love wine, then you will have a hard time choosing from their list of wines.

Roganic Restaurant: This is yet another hotel in London which flocks with people and if you are lucky you can get a good table. Their service is just the best and this tells why it is always full. The staff here are just the best as well as the food they serve. They are very friendly and will make you feel home. They will offer you with the best cake and different courses of meals. The environment is warm friendly and welcoming. You can taste of their different types of wine. They are simply awesome!

The Ledbury: The food here is excellent and comes in different varieties therefore you could have a hard time choosing the food to eat. You will get the best garden salad, fresh than any you have ever had. The main dish is always excellent and never disappointing. After you meal, you could check on their dessert with fresh strawberries and a list of cakes. The ambiance of the hotel is just the best with its location in a silent place at Notting Hill.

These are just some of the best London restaurants. You could book train tickets to a couple of these cool restaurants and explore more.

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