Top Beach Resorts to Visit in London this Summer

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Summer is one of the hottest periods in London and a visit to some beach resorts can help one enjoy the season better. Visitors from the United States can comfortably visit these destinations because those travelling from the United Kingdom can comfortably acquire their American Esta online. Some of the top beach resorts to visit in London this summer include those located within the vicinity of Brighton beach. Mercure Brighton Seafront hotel is a great beach resort to visit this summer. It is especially favorable among those who spend lots of time indoors because it has a late checkout time. It is conveniently located near the beach therefore access should not be a problem.

The Holiday Inn Brighton is also another great beach resort in London that provides an excellent view of the sea front. Coupled with its excellent hotel packages, it provides an excellent zone for relaxation from the busy urban life. This is one hotel to visit to get some fresh air and a panoramic view of Brighton beach which has become one of the favorite destinations for many tourists. The pebble like nature of the beach is evident from the hotel balcony. But a walk to the beach itself will allow one to appreciate its difference from other sandy beaches in the area.

For the more outdoor individuals, the Compton Farm Caravan and Camping may be the best place to spend the summer. This resort is located in Compton Bay in the Isle of Wight. This Isle harbors one of the most beautiful beaches in London. Its sandy stretches create an excellent spot for sand bathing and playing light beach activities. Compton Farm Caravan and Camping resort is located next to the beach for ease of access. It is also close to other amazing attractions like the Solent and Hurst castles which can be viewed from the area.

Canvey Island is perhaps the closest to London of all the beaches in the United Kingdom. It is located about one hour from the busy city life and presents a quick getaway. It has got various holiday bungalows including the Thorney Bay Village and the Oysterfleet hotel which are located within the Island. The Thorney Bay Village presents a peaceful holiday bungalow suitable for families and couples seeking personal time at the beach.

The list would not be complete without a mention of Bournemouth, Dorset beach resorts. This beach is especially long with several miles of lovely, warm, sandy beaches. It attracts numerous people during summer and is well known for its clean and perfectly habitable beaches. It has undergone significant development to include a variety of beach huts that are available for rent. It offers affordable accommodation alongside a variety of activities including water sports. It has well established restaurants and bars including KFC and Big Steak Pub that provide excellent meals and drinks. It is a fun place to be during the summer and boasts of weekly fireworks display that are bound to make the evenings more enjoyable.

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